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Clean Up Days May 20-24

When: Back to Calendar May 20, 2019 @ 7:00 am – May 24, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

For the last two years the only vendor who would even provide a quote to do a curbside bulk collection has been unable to collect volume of junk the Township has had in a day, weekend or even week. It has come to the point that it has taken the hauler nearly a month to collect everything, leaving piles of debris in residents’ yards and creating more mess and quite frankly a health hazard. Chartiers Township has grown to the point that the tonnage of debris our clean up day generates is too much for even the largest of haulers to collect. Last year it was nearly 400 tons of debris and has just become to much for even the largest of haulers to collect in a day or weekend. That is why we looked at moving to a drop off program, as most of our neighboring communities do. It was in no way an indication of the Township’s unwillingness to continue the program nor cost. It was a merely a logistical issue and the size and volume of the program outgrowing capacity to do it. Hearing the understandable concerns of residents regarding the drop off program, we again reached out to the hauler to see if there is any method by which they could do a curbside collection. They agreed to try a week-long, weekday collection.


Therefore curbside collection will occur the week of May 20th – May 24th in an attempt to make the volume more manageable and spread out. Please understand if this week long program doesn’t work, the Township will have no choice but to go to a drop off program or eliminate the clean-up program all together, neither of which we want to do, but we cannot have debris lining our streets and sitting in front of people’s homes for a month or more. Therefore, mark your calendars for May20-24 for a modified spring clean-up. The following items WILL NOT be picked up, so please don't place them out:

1. auto tires

2. automobile parts

3. dirt, bricks, stones and concrete

4. refrigerators, air-conditions units and appliances which have not been certified for removal of chlorofluorocarbons.

5. cans exceeding in 40 lbs.

6. carpet not cut-(must be bundled and tied in 4’ lengths)

7. paint-liquid

8. E-Waste material: electronic devices, TVs, computers, printers, etc.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain unobstructed, safe access to refuse being collected.

Clean up map

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