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Public Works Department

Chartiers Township employs 7 experienced employees along with seasonal employees who are responsible for the many tasks of the Public Works Department. A few responsibilities of this department are as follows:

  • Winter Road Maintenance
  • Paving Repairs
  • Storm Basin Repairs/Cleaning
  • Street Sweeping
  • Storm Pipe Repair/Replacement
  • Replacement of Street Signs
  • Park Maintenance

The Township has 56.2 miles of township roads to maintain. Within the Township there are also approximately 22 miles of roads that are PennDot roads and these are maintained by PennDot.

In Spring of 2008, PennDot will be starting the Racetrack and Allison Hollow Realignment Project. A notice to proceed was given on February 11, 2008 and a completion date is set for June 5, 2009. Residents as well as Township officials have supported this endeavor for the past 13 years and are elated to see this project move forward without any further delays.

The scope of work for this project is to realign Allison Hollow Road with the existing intersection of Pike Street and Racetrack Road. The proposed realignment will result in one (1) four-way intersection. The existing traffic signal will be replaced and turning lanes will be added to Pike Street and Allison Hollow Road. This project will also involve the realignment of a tributary to Chartiers Creek and the placement of three new culverts.

Traffic will be maintained on Pike Street and Racetrack Road during the majority of the construction. An approximate 3-week detour will be in place for Pike Street south of the intersection while the culvert under Pike Street is replaced. A detour will be in place for a portion of Allison Hollow Road during the majority of the construction. Please check the maps of the proposed traffic control plans for the project.

As always, thank you for your patience during construction season!