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New Tax Collector Contact and Hours:

Beginning January, 2022, Chartiers Township has a newly elected Real Estate Tax Collector, Joseph Rozsas.  Mr. Rozsas will be responsible for collecting all Chartiers Township Real Estate taxes moving forward.  Please contact him with any questions or concerns.

Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Phone: 724-344-9658


Real Estate Taxes, also known as property taxes, are levied on all residential, commercial, industrial and other non-exempt real estate by three government entities.

Tax Certification Lettter Municipality:  $30.00 per parcel

Chartiers Township Millage Rate: General: 0.8632 mills; Fire Tax 0.2000



Introduction of a Fire Services Tax

While we were able to hold the line on your general purposes taxes for the 25th consecutive year,  this year, the Township has enacted a Fire Services Tax in the amount 0.20 Mills to fund the Chartiers Township Volunteer Fire Department.  The Board debated many sessions about implementing the Fire Tax, but ultimately deemed it necessary. 

Several factors went into this decision.  Townships in PA are mandated to provide fire services within their municipality.  We are fortunate in Chartiers to still have an active, viable volunteer fire department and the Board felt it imperative to support them in their protection of the residents of Chartiers Township.  The State General Assembly released a study, outlining the volunteer fire department crisis in the fall of 2018.   Volunteer Fire Departments are declining across the state. The study noted that there over 300,000 volunteer fire fighters in PA in the 1970’s and today there are approximately 38,000 today statewide. 

Further their annual fund drive to residents is also declining in donations received, while the costs of equipment and operations continue to increase.  Additionally, the Volunteer Fire Department spends many hours fundraising through events like a car cruise, barbeque sale and clay shoot.  However, when you consider that a volunteer fire fighter is required to dedicate over 160 hours to training to be able to fight a fire, asking them to donate even more of their time away from their families to fund raise, just so they can then volunteer to put their lives on the line to protect their community, seems unreasonable to ask of them.

The Township therefore recognized the need to provide our volunteers with a dependable revenue stream to support the needs of the Volunteer Fire Department.  As the Township grows, their revenue will grow proportionally to their growing needs and since the fire tax revenues will be segregated in separate fund, they will be guaranteed for only fire services. 

Additionally, supporting the volunteer fire department in this manner is economically reasonable, especially in comparison to a paid fire department.  The fire tax will cost the average homeowner in Chartiers Township $34/year. That’s $2.83/ month to support your local volunteer fire department. 

Assessed Value Annual Fire Tax Per month
 $          50,000.00  $         10.00  $       0.83
 $        100,000.00  $         20.00  $       1.67
 $        150,000.00  $         30.00  $       2.50
 $        200,000.00  $         40.00  $       3.33
 $        300,000.00  $         60.00  $       5.00
 $        400,000.00  $         80.00  $       6.67

Additionally, businesses in the Township will be providing funding to the fire department through the fire tax, to help share the burden, since it is based on real estate assessment.  By comparison, this is the equivalent, of paying for just one paid fire fighter, let alone an entire paid fire department of personnel in paid fire department, if we do not support our volunteers. It is estimated that volunteer fire fighters save Pennsylvania tax payers $6 Billion per year through their volunteerism. The estimate to provide just the operational costs of a paid fire department would cost the average Chartiers Township homeowner $359/year in taxes vs. $34 for a volunteer department. That doesn't include equipment and capital costs, which are significant.

We hope residents understand that we took this decision very seriously and after weighing the options determined it to be a necessary step to help insure the future of the volunteer fire service here in Chartiers Township to keep both our volunteers and residents safe.  The implementation of the fire tax allows Chartiers Township to better meet our public safety needs in both the fire department but by freeing up general fund revenues needed to fund police protection as well.


Chartiers Township 2017 Millage Calculation

Sample 2017 Resident Tax Worksheet

Blank 2017 Resident Tax Worksheet

Washington County millage   2.43
Chartiers Township   0.8632 General; Fire Tax 0.20=1.0632
Chartiers Houston School District 12.2855

  Dollar chart

Due dates Township School District
Mailing dates March 1 July 15
2 % discount May 1 September 15
face value July 1 November 15
10 % penalty after July 1 after November 15

All unpaid taxes are liened with Washington County Tax Claim Bureau, Court House Square, Washington PA 15301     724-228-6767


Earned Income Tax

Due quarterly. 1% of gross earnings or net profits distribution (1/2% Township ½% School)

As of tax year 2012

Keystone Collections Group

546 Wendel Road

Irwin, PA  15642


PSD Code# 630801

For forms or to file you returns electronically, Click Here.

Certification of Residency Form Cover Letter

Local Earned Income Tax Residency Form

Local Tax Return is Due April 15

It’s that time of year again. Your 2014 local earned income tax return is due on April 15.

Did you know the quickest way to get your refund is to file online? If you live and work in Pennsylvania, you can e-file on our tax administrator’s secure website, which is available 24/7 at

Keystone Collections Group’s e-file is the easy, fast and secure way to file your 2014 tax return.  It lets you file your tax return when it is most convenient for you. You will need your W-2, your Social Security Number and any other income documents that may apply (such as a PA-UE or a Schedule C).

Please note that the forms changed this year. If you will be claiming an out-of-state tax credit or if you work in Philadelphia, you may be eligible for a local earned income tax credit up to the amount you owe to your resident municipality. The worksheet on the back of the form will help you calculate your out-of-state tax credit (attach a copy of your out-of-state filing).

If you have questions regarding local tax filing, call Keystone’s Taxpayer Helpline at 1-888-328-0565 to speak with a local, knowledgeable Taxpayer Service Agent. You can also email your questions to “Taxpayer Support” at

Taxpayers with earned income in 2014 are required to file a tax return by Wednesday, April 15.


Local Services Tax

$52 annually and payable where employed. You are exempt from this tax if you earn less than $12,000 per year. ($47.00 Township $5.00 School).   Beginning January 1, 2017, Keystone Municipal Collections will be collecting Local Services Tax.  You can file online, obtain forms or information on their website at