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Trash Collection-Recycling


Please be advised that Residents are free to make their own choice for Garbage Collection.

2024 Recycling Schedule:

Recycling Services:

Every residential household is required to participate in the Recycling Program. Pickup is on the second Monday of the month throughout the Township. Place items in a recyclable container that is provided by the Township. The first container is free and additional containers are $20.00 per set, for lid replacement the fee is $5.00 which can be purchased at the Municipal Building. The Township has a contract with Waste Management for recycling pick-up. Pickup is curbside unless other arrangements are made with the hauler. If there are any questions or problems, call the hauler at 1-800-866-4460. For pick-up days please reference the calendar of events.


Recyclable Items: Paper, Food & Beverage Cans, Glass, Plastice Bottles, Jars & Jugs(narrow neck containers labeled #1 and #2),

Aluminum & Bi-Metal Beverage Cans
  1. Rinse
  1. Flatten, if desired, to save space
  1. Place in container


Tin Cans
  1. Rinse
  1. Ends may be included
  1. Flatten, if desired, to save space
  1. Place in container

Acceptable Items Include: Soda bottles, beer bottles, juice containers, ketchup bottles, wine and liquor bottles and food containers.

It IS Easy Being Green!

  • Reduce the environmentally negative impact of salt and other deicing chemicals on drinking water supplies and aquatic life in our streams by shoveling snow onto grassy areas, not into the street, before it turns to ice. Thus the snow melts into the ground rather than flowing into nearby storm drains or streams.
  • Practice Grasscycling! Grasscycling means leaving grass clippings on your lawn to decompose into the soil. This provides 60% of the nitrogen and all of the phosphorous your lawn needs.
  • Participate in the Township’s Annual Leaf Pick-Up Program! Leaves are to be placed in biodegradable bags provided by the Township and placed curbside by 6a.m. the day of pickup. The first 5 bags are free and additional bags are $.40 each. No vines, tree or brush clippings and/or rubbish and trash will be accepted. Collections are scheduled between October and early December, call the Township office for details.
  • Recycle your papers at the Chartiers-Houston Public Library. Please remember the recycling rules: They need newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office and school papers and mail. Telephone books, cardboard and kitchen-type papers are NOT accepted.
  • Donate your old eyeglasses to the Lions Club. There is a collection box at the Municipal Building.
  • Donate your old cell phones to the Washington County Women’s Shelter. There is a collection box at the Municipal Building.