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Emergency Managment

While natural disasters, emergencies or attacks can not be predicted nor controlled, we can be prepared to take action now to help protect our residents; and we as individuals can be prepared to protect ourselves and our families.  Emergency Managment in Pennsyvlania is governed by Title 35 – The Emergency Services Code.  Each political subsivision in the Commonwealth is directed and authorized to establish a local Emergency Managment Agency.

Chartiers Township has always taken this responsibility seriously and is currently in our fourth edition of an emergency operation plan, as we regularly review and update the plan. Our first responders undertake regular training and the Township has worked to put together the structure of emergency response of any nature.


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Emergency Response Special Needs Registry

                We are asking any residents with disabilities or special needs to PLEASE register with Chartiers Township Emergency Management.  Knowing who the individuals are in our community with special needs and where they are located, can help save lives in an emergency.  We are asking those individuals with disabilities and/or special needs to register with the Township so that our first responders can be prepared to better assist these individuals in the event of an emergency.  Therefore, if you have a disability or impairment that will inhibit you from being able to self- evacuate in the event of an emergency, PLEASE notify the Township of: Your Name, Address, Disability/impairment, Phone # and email address.  All personal information will be kept confidential and will ONLY be utilized to help our first responders provide you the assistance you need in the event of an emergency.  You can email the information or complete the Emergency Special Needs Registration Form on our website and Facebook Page.  PLEASE take a few minutes to allow us to better serve those of you in need of additional assistance in the event of an emergency and register today.






Chartiers Township Emergency Evacuation Center:

In the event of an emergency that requires you be evacuated from your home, the Chartiers Township Community Center is our Emergency Evacuation Center.  If you are able to self evacuate and need a place to await returning home, you can go there.  The Community Center is located behind Arnold Park, accross Silver Maples Drive from the Chartiers-Houston High School.                                                                                                                   

Chartiers Township Community Center                                   

2013 Community Center Drive

Houston, PA 15342                                         Click on map for link to Google Maps/Directions



Important numbers and links

The following contact websites have online information that you may find helpful in preparing and responding to any variety of emergency situations.

In an Emergency, Call 9-1-1

Washington County Department of Public Safety

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

National Weather Service

American Red Cross



Swift 911


In an effort to provide more reliable and effective communications with our citizens, Chartiers Township has implemented Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as our emergency notification provider.

Swift911™ is a system designed to make phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information. Chartiers Township Emergency Management and other departments will use this system to notify citizens by phone of information regarding you or your property. The system can make thousands of calls in a minute to convey vital information. These messages may include information on floods, fires, water emergencies, road closures, missing persons, evacuation orders, and weather emergencies.

The Swiftreach Network Data has been provided by a third party data provider and only includes listed phone numbers in Chartiers Township. It is important for residents and business owners to provide contact information such as unlisted, unpublished or cell phone numbers, which are often residents primary point of contact. Accurate numbers in the database help to ensure emergency information will be passed on to everyone in a timely manner. An important reason to provide a cell number is if you are evacuated and we only have your home number, we can not not call you to advise you of the all clear to return to your home.  Therefore we urge people to provide a cell number as well.

If you would like to provide an alternate number other than your home number you may also do so. The alternate phone number would be called if your primary phone number is not answered by a person or answering machine.

Your information will not be provided to any outside agencies or companies. You can add/update/manage your contact information via the Swiftreach Portal below or complete this form and return it to the Township Manager at Chartiers Township, 2 Buccaneer Drive, Houston, PA 15342 or